I'm Yaar, a smart chat app.
I'm Yaar, a smart chat app.
I can order food, write emails, schedule meetings, search the internet and so much more.
I can order food, write emails, schedule meetings, search the internet and so much more.
oh and I’m free!
oh and I’m free!

Chat in one place

Sync all your messages from multiple chat and social apps in an all in one app. Simple and elegant solution for anyone seeking a unified experience for multiple chat apps.


Helena Abioye

Hi! I’ve scheduled time off to bake cookies, read and chill out.

Arthur Dent

Let's meet at the Balzac’s in Distillery this week. I'll tell you all about it.

Cameron Howe

No but happy to try something new 🙃

Diya Patel

Took Pixel along for paddle boarding 🐶

Vash Singh

Happy birthday Tito!! 🍰

Erika Bernard

Oh, don’t worry about it - on me!

Tell Yaar to do things

Yaar can handle common, important and complex tasks. Like order food, schedule a meeting, write emails, search the internet and remember things important to you.

Take back your time

Let Yaar handle repetitive and time consuming tasks that get created from your back and forth chat messages.

Hard press and delegate

Hard press an incoming chat message and get Yaar to carry out a task inside Gmail, Calendar, Google, Maps, Uber, WhatsApp, Uber Eats and more while you chat.

Send original email to people mentioned in the OOO

Order black cod in miso from Matsuhisa

Order an Uber to the Balzac’s in Liberty Village

Send an invite to Arthur Dent for Fri 10am at the Balzac’s

Meet Webagent

Webagent translates natural language to graphical user interface actions. This means that Webagent enables your phone to auto type, click, scroll, copy and paste on any website. Inspired by a transformer neural network, Webagent uses language and vision for navigating websites unlike traditional automation techniques.

General Neural Network

Webagent works as a multi-task general neural network. The same general neural network with the same weights can order food, schedule meetings, write emails and much more, deciding based on its context whether to press buttons, fill out forms, select options from drop down menus, navigate across websites, or other web actions.

Tell Yaar to do a task
Webagentcrystal ball

Smart contact grouping

Our on-device AI model builds a collection of everyone you know. It auto groups messages, bios, education, work history, social profiles and location.

Reply in one place

Yaar auto groups incoming messages from the same contact in one view. No more replying to the same person across different apps. It’s beautifully designed to unify all your chat and social apps.

Private by default

At Yaar, we deeply care about privacy just as much as you do. So we’re embracing open source and decentralized communication.

Built on open source

Our chat in one place feature is built on Matrix, an open source protocol for decentralized communication. It’s governed by the Matrix.org Foundation and is an open standard with open source implementations.

End to end encryption

Using the open-source Olm and Megolm encryption library provided by Matrix.org, your chats are sent privately. Messages are not stored on our servers and are sent directly to the platforms.

Secure and decentralized

Yaar does not have access to your usernames or passwords. Everything happens on device. Your chats are downloaded directly to your device from the platforms. No third party servers are involved.

Search everywhere instantly

Just type what comes to mind and Yaar will find the right person or group of people, all in milliseconds. No more hopping between apps to find what you’re looking for.


All of these features are free. We plan on charging a monthly subscription for premium Yaar skills. While some apps harvest and sell data from your chats and emails, we don’t and never will.

Designed for iOS


This is just the beginning. Here are a few more features we think you’re going to love.

Speak to Yaar
Smart notifications
Dark and light themes
New Yaar skills

Get a Yaar. It’s free!

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